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What is OneClickLogin?

- OneClickLogin is a tool that can help you easily login in to a website and bypass compulsory registration.
- It's a login bookmarklet tool so all to do is just a click.
- You can login to almost websites or forums that support free registration using our free login accounts.


One Click Login
( Add the above button to your bookmark toolbar )
How to add this button? | Get Private Button

How to use OneClickLogin?

- Visit the website that you need to login.

- Just click on the "One Click Login" button on the bookmark bar of the browser to login to the website.
Sometime OneClickLogin cannot find the login box, it can suggests you go to the login page, then go to that page and try to login again.

- The account used to login to the system is the free share account, so please use it as your own account and don't do anything wrong with the rules or terms of the website.

Why it is useful?

- Many forums force you to be a member to see the links download.
- Many websites need you to register to see their features.
- You don't have time or feel tired of registering an account.
That's why OneClickLogin tool is helpful.


- Report error : Report the website that you cannot login. For some reasons, the account provided by OneClickLogin cannot login the website, please give us a feedback.

- Add an account : Add a shared account to a website. This account should not be your own account, just a free login account that you registered in the registration page.

- Share this: Just one click and share this tool to your friends.